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Don't cut throat

Wash blood out

Keep cool as possible

Don't split briskit

Don't "hang it" for a week

Bring to taxidermist quickly

Avoid head shots

Don't drag your trophy

Use salt when possible

Ask taxidermist for caping  instructions before hunting

Wrap fish in wet white cloth or towel, then freeze

Wrap birds in pantyhose with cotton in mouth

Keep all blood off

Don't gut fish

Don't gut birds

Don't leave mount in your freezer too long, it will freezer burn

Cut straight centered lines when skinning for rug mount

Use good judgment, take care of your trophy and everything
will go smoothly and you will have a mount that you will enjoy for years to come.







Ron's Taxidermy

Scherbarth Studio-- for the discriminating sportsman, we offer very high quality taxidermy.  Ron has won numerous awards in three states including Best of Show and People's Choice.  Striving to bring top quality to every mount that he does.  We accept Visa and Mastercard, 50% down and 50% upon completion.  Bring your trophy to Scherbarth Studio also called Ron's Taxidermy to preserve those hunting memories for a lifetime. You spend the time hunting it. I spend the time recreating it. Your business is important to me,  don't leave your trophy with someone who does taxidermy as a hobby, leave it with someone who cares just as much about it as you do!

Full Shoulder Mounts
                                          North American           head mounts  Life-size

Antelope------------------$550    $2750            Badger------------$500   $950

Black bear--under 5'--$575   $2250           Black bear-over5'--$575   $2950

Bobcat-------$500   $950                     Buffalo-----$1500   $9500

 Caribou--------$750   $7300                      Coyote--------$500   $950

Deer-------------$550   $2900                    Elk---$900  Bugling-$1100  $7500
 Fox----------$500                        $950Javelina------$1400
Moose---$1400   $8500                Big Horn/dahl--beaching extra $100--$900   $3600
Mouflon-------$550   $2500                         Mtn Goat------$850   $3500

Mnt. Lion------------$950   $3250               Grizzly/Brown Bear---------   $5250
Polar Bear---------------$5250                       Raccoon---------$500   $950

Wolf---------$900   $2950                             Wolverine--------$550  $950

wall pedestal add $100

Fish ------------------------------------------------$10 per inch, $150 min charge


Turkey---------------------------------standing /perched--$750-----strut/flying--$950



European Mounts


Tanning Hair on

Bear ------Per lin. ft----$75             Beaver --------------$215

Bison-----------per. sq ft.-----$22          bobcat ----------$215

Caibou--------------per. sq ft.---$16             Coyote------$240

Deer Hides-------------$125                  Elk----per. sq ft. ----$16

Fox-----$215                                  Mink-----$190

Moose-----per sq ft.----$18                Raccoon--------$215

Wolf------per lin. ft.----$75


 Head Mount     Life-Size Head Mount 
Baboon... $ 675.00 $ 2250.00            Rhebok... $ 675.00 $ 2500.00
Blesbok... 725.00 3250.00         Rhino... 5500.00 Quoted
Bongo... 1350.00 5450.00           Roan... 1250.00 5750.00
Bontebok... 675.00 2950.00        Sable... 1150.00 5750.00
Bushbuck... 675.00 2750.00       Serval Cat 1750.00
Bushpig... 850.00 2650.00              Sitatunga... 775.00 3250.00
Cape Buffalo... 1500.00 10,500.00     Springbok... 650.00 2750.00
-Pedestal... 2750.00                     Steinbok... 575.00 1950.00
Caracal... 1750.00                    Suni... 575.00 1950.00
Civit Cat... 1350.00                   Tiang... 1100.00 4250.00
Crocodile... -Lin. ft.... 650.00        Topi... 875.00 4250.00
Dik-Dik... 525.00 1650.00         Tsessebe... 875.00 4250.00
Duiker... -Bay 575.00 1950.00             Warthog... 850.00 3250.00
-Blue 525.00 1950.00                     Waterbuck... 900.00 4750.00
-Bush 575.00 1950.00                Wildebeest... 900.00 4750.00
-Peters 575.00 1950.00                         Zebra... -Shoulder... 950.00 5500.00
-Red 575.00 1950.00                    -Pedestal... 1950.00
-Yellow Back... 675.00 2950.00           -Tan Only... 750.00
Eland... -Common... 1500.00 9500.00           -Flat Rug... 1200.00
-Lord Derby... 2250.00 11,500.00                  -Rug w/Head 1500.00
Elephant... 17,500.00 Quoted
Gazelle... -Dama... 750.00      3250.00
-Dorcas... 675.00       $3250.00
-Grants... 750.00     $2750.00
-Roberts... 675.00       2750.00
-Soemmering... 675.00       2750.00
-Thompsons... 675.00        2750.00
Gemsbok... 875.00 4250.00
Genet Cat... 1100.00                          Gerenuk... 800.00 2850.00

Giraffe... 5250.00 Quoted          Gnu... 850.00 4250.00

Grysbok... 525.00 1500.00                   Hartebeest... 875.00 4250.00

Hippopotamus... 5250.00 Quoted                Honey Badger... 1100.00

Hyena... 800.00 3250.00      Impala... 725.00 3250.00

Jackal... 550.00 1300.00           Klipspringer... 525.001750.00
Kob... 800.00 3250.00                                                        -
 Kudu... -Greater... 1200.00 6250.00          -Pedestal... 2250.00

-Lesser... 850.00 3750.00                    Lechwe... 775.00 3500.00

Leopard... 950.00 3950.00               Lion... 1500.00 5750.00-Pedestal... 2750.00
Nyala... -Common... 775.00   3750.00                  Oribi... 575.00   1950.00
 Oryx... 875.00 4250.00                                   Ostrich... 26500.00 500.00
Puku... 775.00 3500.00

Reedbuck.. -Common... 725.00 3250.00 -Mountain… 625.00 2750.00

Head Mount         Life-Size
                   Addax... $ 850.00 $ 3750.00
Aoudad (Barbary Sheep)... 850.00 3750.00
Bantang 1350.00 8500.00
Blackbuck... 625.00 2750.00
 Blacktail Gazelle... 625.00 2450.00
                Boar (Russian)... 650.00 2950.00
                  Chamois... 625.00 2750.00
                    Deer... -Axis (Chital)... 675.00 3250.00
-Chinese Water... 600.00 1950.00
-Fallow... 550.00 2950.00
-Hog Deer... 600.00 2950.00
-Red (Stag)... 950.00 4250.00
-Roe... 600.00 2550.00
-Rusa... 850.003750.00
-Sambar... 950.00 4250.00
-Sika...675.00 2950.00
Goat... -Angora... 750.00 2550.00
                -Ibex... 850.00 3500.00
                                        -Spanish... 750.00 2950.00
                              Markor... 950.00 3750.00
                           Muntjac 625.00 1950.00
Nilgai... 1100.00 4500.00       
Pere David 950.00 4250.00

Sheep... -Argali, Gobi, Karagondu...1000.00 4250.00
-Blue Sheep, Bharal... 850.00 2950.00
-Corsican, Black Hawaiian... 550.00 2550.00
-Marco Polo... 1000.00 4250.00
-Mouflon... 550.00  2550

-Red, Urial, Snow... 750.00 2950.00
                      Tahr... 800.00 3750.00
                       Tur... 900.00 3950.00
Water Buffalo... 1500.00 11,000.00

Terms and Conditions

open mouth $150-$300 additional charge

Half Life size mounts priced at 70% of life size

prices are based on existing available positions

special sculpting and positioning available at additional cost

Removable antlers available at $100-$250 per side

extra charge for preserving antlers in velvet

We do all African and exotic mounts, if something is not listed please call for quote

Custom wood bases and habitat scenes extra

Phone 308 432 4314

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Caping a game head


Skinning is the process of removing the hide from a game animal.

  • Using a sharp knife make initial cut 4" behind front legs and cut around the entire animal.
  • Second cut starts at initial cut at the top of the back. Second cut runs along the back of the neck and stops 2" back behind the antlers. Split the second cut to form a "Y" running to the rear base of each antler.
  • Cut hide around each front leg at the knee. Start next cut at the back of the knee and cut hide up the back of front leg to the top of the front leg. Then angle cut back to meet the initial cut. Repeat this cut for the other front leg.
On antlered game, a heavy screwdriver with a 1/4" blade is useful in prying hide loose from around the antler bases. On horned game carefully use a knife to cut between the hair and horn junction. Take the time to pull the hair down and away from the horn base to avoid cutting hair with the knife.
Begin to separate the hide along the neck incision taking extra care at the ears, eyes and lips. Cut the ear canal close to the skull. It is always attached farther back and lower than you think. If you place your finger in the ear canal it will help determine this point. Take care not to cut the tip of you finger. Again using your finger as a guide skin around the eyes cutting close to the skull. Be aware of the tear duct at the front of the eyes. You'll have to carefully cut or pry tear duct out of the depression in the skull. The lips should be cut close to the skull taking extra time leaving all lip and gum material attached to the hide.
Make sure the cape is long enough for a shoulder mount. The cape should include the area behind the front legs. Being sure to include the full brisket and complete armpits. The antlers can be removed by a saw cut from the rear of the skull towards the center of the eye socket. And a second cut starting above the eye socket connecting with the first cut.
Congratulations you've successfully caped your big game animal. At this point you should take the cape to your taxidermist. Depending on weather and cape storage conditions, determine the amount of time you have. If you can freeze or place cape in cold storage this is preferable. Treat cape as well or better than your meat. Keep it dry, cool and bug free. Take care not to have the hide dry out. Two main factors, heat and moisture cause bacterial growth, the cause of hair slip. Eliminate or reduce these factors and you increase the quality of your trophy.

If you have any questions or would like shipping instructions let me know
308 432 4314

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