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 "Had a great time & successful hunt. we plan on returning" Bob & Peggy

"Great relaxing time, super food, glad we made the trip, will have to come back for one of those big bulls." Gary Lemmke

Great time the elk bulls were exactly what I was looking for, will have to come back again" Doug Lemmke

       "1st turkey , haven't missed on yet!    Thanks for your hospitality and great hunt"        Ken Diamond

"Great support for the SCI, Thanks for the turkey hunt, your support and expertise"    Norman Neu

"Thanks for a awsome elk hunt.  This was a trip my Dad and I will  remember for the rest of our lives, hope to see you next year" Wes Lowrie

Thanks for the great time, First time kills for two of my kids!" Wesley

 "Great Time-great hunt-nice people-hope to come back" Ray Clauser

"Had a really good time, Family was very friendly and good company, thanks alot, see you next year" Kennth Kevelus

"Another great time at your ranch!  Took a Giant Elk (426 5/8) and  looked @ all the other game- Had a blast- Great to visit & stay/hunt with my friends in Chadron again- Thanks again, will see you in the future!"  Joe

"Hopefully this wont be the last time we sign this book!  Thanks so much for having us and making our first hunting trip a dream come true!  You have an incredible family and ranch!"  Daniel & Kelli Williams

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